<h5><b> Job Description – Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs – No experience – Part Time</b></h5><br><ul style="margin-left: 30px;"><li><strong> Job Type : </strong>full_time</li><li><strong> Salary : </strong><b style="color: blue;">$46 – $109 / HOUR</b></li><li><strong> Location : </strong>Remote / Work From Home</li></ul><br><div><p><strong>Job Description</strong></p>
<p>This is a part-time fully remote position.</p>
<p>We are looking for an organized and professional virtual assistant to handle all communications with the company from a remote position. The virtual assistant's responsibilities will also include managing corporate schedules, making travel plans and issuing invoices.</p>
<p>To be successful as a virtual assistant you must have a suitable internet connection and excellent verbal and written communication skills.</p>
<p><strong>Virtual Assistant Responsibilities:</strong></p>
<li>Answer phone calls and respond to emails.</li>
<li>Schedule meetings with clients.</li>
<li>Manage travel plans for employees.</li>
<li>Issue invoices to clients.</li>
<li>Update the company website and social media accounts.</li>
<p><strong>Requirements<br>Virtual Assistant Requirements:</strong></p>
<li>A high school qualification or equivalent.</li>
<li>Prior experience as an administrative assistant.</li>
<li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills.</li>
<li>Fully computer literate with proficiency in Microsoft Office.</li>
<li>Highly organized.</li>
<li>10 days paid leave</li>
<li>Flexible work schedule</li>
<li>Dependent Care Account</li>
<li>Health Club Membership (up to $50 per month)</li>
<li>Accident and Critical Illness Insurance</li>
<li>College tuition for children of employees</li>

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