<h5><b> Job Description – Part-Time Social Media No Experience Jobs Remote/</b></h5><br><ul style="margin-left: 30px;"><li><strong> Location : </strong>Remote / Work From Home</li><li><strong> Job Type : </strong>PART_TIME</li><li><strong> Salary : </strong><b style="color: blue;">$38 – $58 / HOUR</b></li></ul><br><p>There are now openings for online<strong>&nbspsocial media</strong> <strong>jobs for students</strong> and the best thing is these entry level&nbspsocial media work from home jobs&nbspare not only easy and simple but also work from home with no experience required&nbsp&nbsp. If you are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may be qualified for this position. This work can be done from any location as long as you have a device to access social media accounts and a reliable internet connection.</p><p><strong>Job Description:</strong> In this social media evaluator role, you will collect links to posts on various social media platforms and enter them into a spreadsheet. Training will be provided so that anyone can perform this task with little supervision.</p><p><strong>Pay: </strong>$38/Hour</p><p><strong>Working hours: </strong>20 or more weekly hours</p><p><strong>Contact length:</strong> There is no set length for the contract.</p><p><strong>Location: </strong>For this remote online Job position, we welcome applicants from all countries.</p><p>Work from home <strong>social media jobs</strong> no experience&nbspare in huge demand worldwide right now. If you feel you qualify , apply now&nbspto complete your application now.&nbsp</p>

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